Software - ASCOM Camera Driver/Camera Firmware

The camera filter wheel ASCOM driver is available to download here. The camera (filter wheel) firmware (for Arduino) is available to download here.

The ASCOM filter wheel dialog, this also controls the camera cooling:

I finally got around a nasty bug in the ASCOM driver for my camera (Ardino Duemillinova based) the normal Dot Net serial communication framework resets the device after opening the COM Port. I needed to add a four second delay after opening the port to give it time to reset before sending commands.

Commands across the serial interface are as follows:

Get the camera body identificationV?\n Reply:On-Cue Filter Wheel & Camera Body V1.1\n
Select filter (n=1..4) Fn\n Reply:Ok\n
Tweek filter forward one step F+\n Reply:Filter Offset Adjusted +1\n
Tweek filter back one step F-\n Reply:Filter Offset Adjusted -1\n
Get current filter position
Note: reply if moving is:
Filter: ?\n
F?\n Reply:Filter: n, Offset: nnn\n
Seek the filter wheel index FZ\n Reply:Ok\n
Calibrate filter wheel FC\n Reply:Ok\n
Set CCD temperature (°C) Tsnn.n\n Reply:CCD Temperature set to snn.n Degrees C\n
Get CCD temperature (°C) T?\n Reply:CCD Temperature: snn.n deg. C\n
Disable cooling P!\n Reply:Setting Peltier Power to 0%\n
Get set-point/cooling power P?\n Reply:Setpoint: snn.n, Peltier Power: nnn percent\n
Set Fan Speed (30-99%) PFnn\n Reply:Fan Power: nn percent\n