Purchase ASCOM driver for Lumenera Cameras

Thank you for your consideration and support!

PayPal handles the payment processing and the Lumenera ASCOM driver costs $9.99

I'll then provide you with an ASCOM Camera v2 driver that is confirmed to work with the following camera's:

Lumenera LU070/SKYnyx 2-0
Lumenera LU130/SKYnyx 2-1
Lumenera LU170
Lumenera LW11059

Additional features (support depends on camera) over the free version available in this driver include:
Iris control for camera's that support automatic lenses.
CCD Temperature reporting.
Binning in 2x2 mode.
Support for two Lumenera cameras simultaneously.
Support for the latest Lumenera LuCam driver.

If support for other cameras' is required please contact me before purchase and I'll make every effort to work with you to add support. Additional cameras can normally be added with minimal effort, so ask!

Please provide your full name and email address in the notes section or an email to
hjd1964@gmail.com when ordering and allow up to 24 hours for me to get back to you with the installation files in an email.